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Miscellaneous Booklets

Please allow 28 days for delivery.

AI_BK_026 A Collection of Armourial Bearings, Inscriptions, &c. in the Parochial Chapelry of St Andrew, Newcastle upon Tyne By Moses A. Richardson (1818). £5.00
AI_BK_007 A Ramble down the Tees By C. Yellowley. £2.00
AI_BK_025 Across the Veldt They Went: The Boer War 11 Oct. 1899 to 31 May 1902: A Century Since By C. Yellowley. Booklet. £7.50
AI_BK_045 An Address and Queries Relative to the History and Present State of the County Palatine of Durham By George Allen (1774). £1.50
AI_BK_047 An Historical Account of the Ancient Church of St Michael and All Angels, Bishopwearmouth, 940 - 1998 (2003) By Ann Todd and Carol Yellowley. £3.50
AI_BK_046 Ancient Customs which prevail in the County of Northumberland with Conjectures Thereon By William Hutchinson (1778). £2.25
AI_BK_050 Classified Index of Workhouses in England & Wales 1861 - Booklet £1.50
AI_BK_018 Co. Durham Parish Abbreviations £2.00
AI_BK_021 Corbridge Deanery Churches By C. Yellowley. £6.50
AI_BK_010 Coroner's Inquests 1813-1817 From the Newcastle Courant Newspaper Indexed by G. Bell. £2.00
AI_BK_100 Cumberland Presentments - Brampton Deanery 1665-1785 - Booklet (ISBN 0-9546362-5-2), Transcribed by C. Yellowley. £7.50
AI_BK_108 Cumberland Presentments - Solway Deanery 1663-1750 - Booklet £2.50
AI_BK_014 Down the Irthing to Eden - Booklet By C. Yellowley. £1.50
AI_BK_024 Durham Deanery Church Guides Part 1: The Deanery of Houghton-le-Spring By C. Yellowley. £4.50
AI_BK_091 Humble's General Directory For Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gateshead , and Places Adjacent, 1824 (ISBN 0-9546362-0-1). £4.95
AI_BK_096 Masonic Memorial - Deceased Members of the Loyal St Peter's Lodge (1842-1889) - Booklet Helperby. £1.50
AI_BK_022 Mitchell's Directory of Newcastle and Gateshead and adjacent Places 1801 £7.50
AI_BK_020 Norham Deanery Churches By C. Yellowley. £6.50
AI_BK_019 Northumberland Parish Abbreviations £2.00
AI_BK_017 Presentments, Papist Returns & Miscellanea relating to the Bishop of Durham's ecclesiastical peculiar of Allertonshire in Yorkshire: Book One - Booklet By C. Yellowley. £2.00
AI_BK_016 Probate Documents relating to the Bishop of Durham's ecclesiastical peculiar of Allertonshire in Yorkshire 1732-1769 - Booklet By C. Yellowley. £2.00
AI_BK_001 Register of Pupils of William Turner, Newcastle By C. Yellowley. £3.00
AI_BK_015 The Anglican and Non-Anglican Churches and Chapels of Sunderland before 1911 By C. Yellowley. £2.00
AI_BK_008 The Border Line By C. Yellowley. £2.00
AI_BK_011 The Congregationalist Chapels of Durham Claypath and Chester-le-Street: An Historical Account By C. Yellowley. £1.50
AI_BK_012 The Independent Chapel at Dundas Street, formerly Roker Congregationalist, Monkwearmouth Shore By C. Yellowley. £1.50
AI_BK_035 Trinity House (Deptford Strond) Out-Pensioner Admissions Aug. 1835 - Feb. 1836 Indexed by G. Bell. £1.50

Please allow 28 days for delivery.

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