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AI_BMF_045 A History of Northumberland, Part 1, Vol. 1 (1858) Containing the General History of the County. State of the district under the Romans, the Saxon and Danish Kings of Northumberland, the Official Earldom. With a narrative of Events connected with the County from the Norman Conquest to the Accession of the House of Hanover. Author: Rev. John Hodgson. £12.00
AI_BMF_046 A History of Northumberland, Part 2, Vol. 1 (1827) Containing the History of the Franchise of Redesdale, and of the Umfreville family; also, of the Parishes, Corsenside, Whelpington, Kirkharle, Hartburn with Netherwitton Chapelry, Bolam, and Whalton, all in the Deanery of Morpeth. Author: Rev. John Hodgson. £14.00
AI_BMF_047 A History of Northumberland, Part 2, Vol. 2 (1832) £18.00
AI_BMF_048 A History of Northumberland, Part 2, Vol. 3 (1840) Containing Corbridge and the Franchise and Ward of Tindal: Alston, Kirkhaugh, Knaresdale, Lambley, Whitfield, Haltwhistle, Hayden, Warden, Newbrough. Author: Rev. John Hodgson. £14.00
AI_BMF_049 A History of Northumberland, Part 3, Vol. 1 (1820) Containing Ancient Records and Historical Papers. A series of Royal and private charters for Knaresdale, Haughton and Simonburn; a list of the names of all the castles and towers with proprietors 1460; articles relating to Lord Dacre, Warden of the Eastern Middle Marches; rentals and rates 1663 with proprietor's names; etc. etc. Author: Rev. John Hodgson . £14.00
AI_BMF_050 A History of Northumberland, Part 3, Vol. 2 (1828) Containing Ancient Records and Historical Papers. Extracts from ancient deeds, Royal Grants; a book of the state of the frontiers between England and Scotland 1550; extracts relative to property from calendars of Royal Charters, etc. etc. Author: Rev. John Hodgson. £14.00
AI_BMF_051 A History of Northumberland, Part 3, Vol. 3 (1835) Containing Ancient Records and Historical Papers. The Great Roll of the Exchequer 1130 to 1272; the Liber Niger Saccarii for Northumberland; the Name Roll for Northumberland 1340; the Valor Ecclesiasticus for 1535 and 1577; the Ecclesiastical Inquests for 1650; and the Feodary's Book for 1560; etc. etc. Author: Rev. John Hodgson. £8.00
AI_BMF_023 Comprehensive Guide to County Durham (1892) Fiche Author: J.R. Boyle. £22.00
AI_BMF_033 Historical Division Vol. 2 (1842) 1745 - 1799 Author: M.A. Richardson. £12.00
AI_BMF_034 Historical Division Vol. 3 (1843) 1800 - 1828 Author: M.A. Richardson. £12.00
AI_BMF_035 Historical Division Vol. 4 (1844) 1829 - 1837 Author: M.A. Richardson. £12.00
AI_BMF_036 Historical Division Vol. 5 (1846) 1838 - 1842 Author: M.A. Richardson. £12.00
AI_BMF_139 Inscriptions in the Ballast Hills Burial Ground, Newcastle upon Tyne (1904) - Fiche Authors: Joseph Chadwick & Edwin Dodds. £15.00
AI_BMF_037 Legendary Division Vol. 1 (1842) Author: M.A. Richardson. £12.00
AI_BMF_038 Legendary Division Vol. 2 (1844) Author: M.A. Richardson. £12.00
AI_BMF_039 Legendary Division Vol. 3 (1846) Author: M.A. Richardson. £12.00
AI_BMF_018 Local Records (as above) Vol. 2 (1800-1832) Author: John Sykes. £12.00
AI_BMF_017 Local Records; or Historical Register of Remarkable Events Which have occurred in Northumberland and Durham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Berwick-upon-Tweed, from the earliest period of authentic record to the present time; with Biographical Notices of Deceased Persons of Talent, Eccentricity, and Longevity, Vol. 1 (AD 80-1799). Author: John Sykes. £12.00
AI_BMF_061 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 1 Extracts from the Newcastle Upon Tyne Council Minute Book 1639-1656 (1920). Madeleine Hope Dodds (editor). £9.00
AI_BMF_062 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 2 Northumberland Pleas from the Curia Regis and Assize Rolls, 1198-1272 (1922). A. Hamilton Thompson (editor). £13.50
AI_BMF_063 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 3 The Register of Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne from the Corporation Guild and Admission Books Chiefly of the Seventeenth Century (1923). Madeleine Hope Dodds (editor). £9.00
AI_BMF_064 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 4 £6.75
AI_BMF_065 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 5 £11.25
AI_BMF_066 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 6 The Register of Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne from the Corporation Guild and Admission Books Chiefly of the Eighteenth Century (1926). A.M. Oliver (editor). £11.25
AI_BMF_067 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 7 Northumberland and Durham Deeds from the Dodsworth MSS. in Bodley's Library, Oxford (1929). A.M. Oliver (editor). £11.25
AI_BMF_068 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 8 Index of Wills, etc., in the Probate Registry, Durham and from other sources 1540-1599 (1928). H.M. Wood (editor). £9.00
AI_BMF_069 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 9 A Volume of Miscellanea (1930) (List of Transcripts, partly in manuscript, of the parish registers of Northumberland and Durham in the Public Library, Newcastle upon Tyne; List of J.C. Hodgson's MS. pedigrees of families in Northumberland and Durham in the Public Library, Newcastle upon Tyne; Index to pedigrees recorded in local histories of Northumberland and Durham; Selections from the Delaval papers in the Public Library, Newcastle upon Tyne; The registers of Ballast Hills cemetery Newcastle upon Tyne.) Contributors include Basil Anderton, M.A., Rev. C.E. Whiting, M.A., D.D. £13.00
AI_BMF_070 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 10 Feet of Fines Northumberland and Durham (1931). Philip Oliver (editor). £4.50
AI_BMF_071 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 11 Feet of Fines Northumberland A.D. 1273 - A.D. 1346 (1932). Miss E.S. Scroggs (editor). £4.50
AI_BMF_072 Newcastle Records Committee Vol. 12 The Renaissance Heraldry of the County Palatine of Durham from A.D. 1666 to A.D. 1800 (1933). C.H. Hunter Blair (editor). £4.50
AI_BMF_001 Northumberland County History Vol. 1 The Parish of Bamburgh, with the Chapelry of Belford (1893). Edward Bateson B.A. (editor). £16.00
AI_BMF_002 Northumberland County History Vol. 2 The Parishes of Embleton, Ellingham, Howick, Long Houghton & Lesbury (1895). Edward Bateson B.A. (editor). £18.00
AI_BMF_003 Northumberland County History Vol. 3 Hexhamshire part I (1896). Allen B. Hinds M.A. (editor). £12.00
AI_BMF_004 Northumberland County History Vol. 4 Hexhamshire Part II - Hexham, Whitley Chapel, Allendale & St John Lee; and Chollerton, Kirkheaton & Thockrington (1897). John Crawford Hodgson M.A., F.S.A. (editor). £16.00
AI_BMF_005 Northumberland County History Vol. 5 The Parish of Warkworth, with the Chapelry of Chevington, The Parish of Shilbottle, and the Chapelry or extra-parochial place of Brainshaugh (1899). John Crawford Hodgson M.A., F.S.A. (editor). £18.00
AI_BMF_006 Northumberland County History Vol. 6 The Parishes of Bywell St Peter and Bywell St Andrew, with the Chapelry or Parish of Slaley (1902). John Crawford Hodgson M.A., F.S.A. (editor). £14.00
AI_BMF_007 Northumberland County History Vol. 7 The Parish of Edlingham, with the Chapelry of Bolton, The Parish of Felton, with the Chapelry of Framlington and the Chapelry or parish of Brinkburn (1904). John Crawford Hodgson M.A., F.S.A. (editor). £16.00
AI_BMF_008 Northumberland County History Vol. 8 The Parish of Tynemouth (1907). H.H.E. Craster M.A., F.S.A. (editor). £14.00
AI_BMF_009 Northumberland County History Vol. 9 The Chapelries of Earsdon and Horton (1909). H.H.E. Craster M.A., F.S.A. (editor). £14.00
AI_BMF_010 Northumberland County History Vol. 10 The Parish of Corbridge, with the Chapelry of Halton: With an account of Roman remains by Professor F. Haverfield, D.Litt. (1914). H.H.E. Craster M.A., F.S.A. (editor). £18.00
AI_BMF_011 Northumberland County History Vol. 11 The Parishes of Carham, Branxton, Kirknewton, Wooler & Ford (1922)  Kenneth H. Vickers M.A. (editor). £16.00
AI_BMF_012 Northumberland County History Vol. 12 The Parishes of Ovingham, Stamfordham & Ponteland (1926). Miss Madeleine Hope Dodds (editor). £20.00
AI_BMF_013 Northumberland County History Vol. 13 The Parishes of Heddon-on-the-Wall, Newburn, Longbenton, Wallsend, the Chapelries of Gosforth and Cramlington, the Townships of Benwell, Elswick, Heaton, Byker, Fenham, & Jesmond [in Newcastle-upon-Tyne ] (1930). Miss Madeleine Hope Dodds (editor). £20.00
AI_BMF_014 Northumberland County History Vol. 14 The Parishes of Alnham, Chatton, Chillingham, Eglingham, Ilderton, Ingram, Whittingham, the Capelries of Lowick & Doddington (1935). Madeleine Hope Dodds (editor). £22.00
AI_BMF_015 Northumberland County History Vol. 15 The Parish of Simonburn, with the modern parishes of Humshaugh, Bellingham, Falstone, Thorneyburn, Greystead, Wark, the Parish of Rothbury, the Parish of Alwinton, with the Chapelry of Holystone and the Lordship of Kidland (1940). Madeleine Hope Dodds (editor). £22.00
AI_BMF_021 Southwick Holy Trinity Church Minute Book £15.00
AI_BMF_029 The History of the Borough, Castle, and Barony of Alnwick (2 vols. 1866-69) Author: George Tate F.G.S. £25.00
AI_BMF_032 The Local Historian's Table Book, of Remarkable Occurences, Historical Facts, Traditions, Legendary and Descriptive Ballads, &c., &c., Connected with the Counties of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland and Durham Historical Division Vol. 1 (1841) A.D. 80 - Sep. 1745. Author: M.A. Richardson. £10.50

Please allow 28 days for delivery.

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